Pallet Jack Scales

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    CAS Model CPS Series Pallet Jack Scale

    The CPS Series Pallet Jack Scales are the ideal solution for commercially approved or general industrial mobile weighing. Versatility – Choose from the industry standard, rugged, commercially approved CPS-1 & 2 pallet jack scales to the full featured, economical CPS Plus model. Each model is designed & built to last!

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    Intercomp Model PW800 Pallet Jack Scale

    The PW800™ Pallet Truck scale offers you another cost-effective solution to weigh on the go! The PW800™ is the preferred choice for Pallet Truck Scales because it integrates load cells within the existing forks.

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    LTS Model PT-EF-16 Pallet Jack Scale

    LTS-manufactured Pallet Truck Scale is the first in the industry to be approved with a 2 lb. graduation. The scale includes the multi-functional DR2100A scale indicator that can be interfaced with several peripheral devices. The Standard Version of the Pallet Truck Scale has a 5,000 pound capacity with a one pound graduation. With option of Legal for Trade or Non Legal for Trade