RiceLake Model RL-MPS Mechanical Physician Scale

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RiceLake Model RL-MPS Mechanical Physician Scale

The Rice Lake Mechanical Physician Scale features a dual die-cast beam for weighing up to 440 lb (200 kg).  The weight can be read from either the front or back. The scale base is designed with a removable slip-resistant base cover for easy cleaning.

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Dual read capacity and height rod 

  • Capacity: 440 lb x 0.25 lb (200 kg x 0.1 kg) 
  • 10.75″ x 14.75″ Platform
  • Sturdy enameled steel body
  • Die cast beam 
  • Rugged scale understructure 
  • Removable slip-resistant plastic base cover 
  • Retractable aluminum height rod 
  • Easy operation with two sliding weights 
  • Rear wheels make the scale easy to move around


* Other models available upon request

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