RiceLake Model Roughdeck AX Portable Axle Scale

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RiceLake Model Roughdeck AX Portable Axle Scale

The RoughDeck AX system includes four on/off ramps and two treaded top plate

Combined with the Tuff Seal signal trim junction box and Survivor EL147HE cable the RoughDeck AX system is the ideal portable solution for on site vehicle weighing

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  • System includes two scales and four on/off ramps
  • Axle capacity – tandem platforms – 60,000 lb (two scales 30,000 lb each)


  •  32 in W x 84 in L x 6 in H
  • 30,000 lb
  • Contains four environmentally sealed, IP67 20,000 lb loadcells
  • Treaded top plate with side access junction box
  • JB4SS TuffSeal® Signal Trim junction box
  • Top access foot adjustment holes
  • Carbon steel captured ball feet
  • 20 ft Survivor EL147HE cable


  • 32 in W x 60 in L x 6 in H
  • Treaded top plate

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